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Who is a good candidate for sedation?

There are several types of patients who are good candidates for sedation. Perhaps you have a lot of dental needs from years of fear or neglect, or perhaps you just need to have a lot of dentistry done at one time, in one sitting. Sedation offers you the ability to get lots of work done at once and to be really comfortable in the process. You can relax while your teeth are restored to function or you’re getting the smile of your dreams.

How we can help you

Is Sedation Safe?

Sedation medication is very safe. Our experienced professionals monitor the vital signs of every patient very carefully while they're sedated. We perform conscious sedation which means that you can respond if you’re uncomfortable, need to go to the bathroom, or just need a break. The whole purpose is to reduce or remove anxiety about the procedure. The medication induces a feeling of restfulness and is amnestic. This means you won’t really care what’s going on during your dental appointment. It’ll be relaxing, restful, and smooth sailing. The best part is that you won’t even remember it! To complete the procedure, we will often use a combination of medications tailored to you and the specific procedure to make sure you’re comfortable the whole time.

Continuing Education

We are committed to continuing education. We’re an active member of DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation) the number one sedation organization committed to providing incredible educational resources and courses. Dr. Couzens also continues her education on a weekly basis with sedation updates and additional courses.

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