Here at Couzens Dental, we are all about bringing you the best modern dentistry has to offer. Today let’s talk about prevention. We would love nothing more than if no one ever had dental disease, cavities, oral cancer, gum and bone disease. That would thrill us beyond words. So one of the things that I’m going to be talking today is technology and the digital hygiene operatory and we can offer you here at Couzens Dental. First of all, we have digital X-ray. So we use this little digital sensor in the mouth and it produces an X-ray that looks just like this. What’s so great about that you ask? Well one, we can read the X-ray immediately rather than waiting for it to be processed and two, its about 70 to 90% less radiation for you so it is much much healthier. Number two what we have is we have an ultrasonic cleaning instrument. A lot of people don’t like those hooks to clean their teeth, so this is a much gentler instrument that uses ultrasonic technology and also uses some nice antibacterial medication that kind of is flushed underneath the gum line to clean out bacteria. So that is much more comfortable while to have the teeth cleaned if there is a lot of tartar present on the teeth. Something else that we have is this little instrument here. This is called a DIAGNOdent™ and the DIAGNOdent™ is actually like a little laser cavity detection instrument. So we just put this on the tooth and it gives a little sound if there is a cavity present in the tooth. Sometimes we can’t detect a cavity without this. So we use this before we place sealants on molars on children to make sure there is no decay present before we place that sealant on the tooth. And last but not least I’ve talked about this in another video but this is actually called the velScope and this is kind of like a hairdryer with a fancy light and what out does is it detects any tissue changes that might be present that could predispose someone to oral cancer. This is free in all of our adult exams. We do once a year for free for our patients to detect any changes that might be present. So these are just some ways that we use modern technology in the hygiene operatory to prevent bigger problems from happening.