Dental Implants

Here at Couzens Dental, we are all about providing you with very best that modern dentistry has to offer and today I want to talk about dental implants. Most of you have heard of dental implants by now, and dental implants are such a wonderful, wonderful invention. We can replace one missing tooth with a dental implant or we can replace several missing teeth with dental implants or we can replace all missing teeth with dental implants. They have become the standard of care and a very predictable, wonderful way to put back what you might have lost. So losing a tooth, let’s look at this visual here. This actually shows when someone loses all of their teeth what happens is they happen is they actually start to lose bone overtime and a lot of times people think if it’s a back tooth it doesn’t really matter, but it does because the back teeth are the protector teeth. If you lose teeth and we don’t put them back with say a dental implant, what will happen overtime is that bone will resorb. So today I would like to talk about some options for replacing all missing teeth. Say someone has lost all of their top teeth or all of their bottom teeth or all of their teeth in general, of course, an option for putting those back is conventional dentures and that’s not a terrible option but as I just discussed we do lose bone if something is not put back in there such as a dental implant to hold that bone. So this is an example of what we call a snap-on denture where dental implants are placed and the denture actually snaps into place. Lower dentures are particularly difficult to wear because they are sitting on moveable tissue. The tongue is done there and the cheeks so then when we talk that is going to dislodge this. Dental implants secure that denture in there or snap it in there and hold it in place while you eat. For people who want to have teeth that they don’t take in and out of their mouths, this is a wonderful alternative. This is a screw-retained denture where the dentist has to remove it so that implants are placed and there are little holes here where we can access those implants, screw that in place, cover-up there holes, and voila it’s like having your teeth back. This is actually called a hybrid or an all on four. So there are some really wonderful options to replace missing teeth now and to preserve that very sacred bone.