Dental Health Month

We’ve got a bunch of little people with big spirits here today. We have Ramsey Cayte, Ella, Sadie, and Camden, and they’re here to help me talk about Dental Health Month. February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, so we are going to talk about a couple things about taking care of our teeth today. These gals and fellas are gonna help me. So, we’re gonna just play a little game. I’m gonna give this to you, and this one to you, and this one to you, and this one to you. Each one of these bags has a little item that you can use to help keep your teeth clean.

So, Camden, let’s start with you, can you see what’s in your bag and bring it out? Flossers! So, the question is, “why is it important to floss your teeth?”. Camden, “So, you get all the food out between your teeth”. Excellent, that’s right! So, you get all the food out in between your teeth because your toothbrush cannot fit in between your teeth. How many times a day is it important to floss? Ramsey Cayte? “twice.” Yes! Twice a day, at least twice a day. I like for my patients when they come home from school to add a third time if you can to do it after school. So, morning right after you have your breakfast and before you leave for school, after school, and before you go to bed. Sadie, what’s in your bag? Do you know what that is? Does anybody know what this is? This is fluoride varnish. It has a little brush inside kind of like finger nail polish. This is what the hygienists like Martha or Courtney would brush on your teeth after you have your teeth cleaned at the dental office. I like to think of this like tooth vitamins: protects your teeth from getting sick and helps keep them strong. So that’s fluoride. Is there anything else in that bag, Sadie? Toothpaste. So, question, a lot of children and grownups don’t like toothpaste. Is it important to use toothpaste? Yes yes yes! Why is it important to use toothpaste? Ella, “because if you just do water it wouldn’t be clean”. That’s right! Plus, toothpaste has fluoride in it which has those vitamins that make your teeth strong. Okay so Ella what’s in your bag? You might have more than one thing in there.

Does anyone know what that weird looking thing is? Sadie, “A tongue brusher!” Yes!! How’d you know that? This is a tongue scraper. Why is this important does anybody know? Why Ramsey Cayte? “Because you try to get the germs off your tongue.” That’s right, because you get germs on your tongue too. So, this scrapes them off, and gets them extra clean. Okay, does anybody know what these are? Sadie, “they are pink drops and you take them after you brush your teeth and they show pink everywhere you haven’t brushed your teeth.” That’s right! These are called disclosing tablets so you brush as well as you can and then chew one of these up, spit it out, and rinse. Where there is pink on your teeth that’s where you’re missing. Okay Ramsey Cayte, what’s in your bag? A toothbrush! We already talked about why it’s important to brush your teeth at least twice a day, right? Okay, so what do we want to achieve by brushing our teeth twice a day at least? Ramsey Cayte, “because there’s germs on your teeth.” That’s right! Now, does everybody here brush their teeth by themselves? Children, “um sometimes.” So sometimes your mom helps you? Sometimes, when we are in a hurry to get to bed. Well I think until you’re in at least 3rd grade that it’s a really, really, great idea for you to do the best you can but then always have mom or dad come and look and make sure you didn’t miss any spots. So that you get all the germs.

Well thank you all for coming. Oh Cam, I almost forgot something! What do you have in that blue box? Cam, “it’s my mouth piece for wrestling.” Okay so you do wrestling, so you wear protection for your teeth while you do sports. Is that right? Can you put that in and show us how cool that looks? I love it! It’s really important when you play a sport to protect your teeth. I’m so thankful that you do that. Thank you all again for coming to help with Children’s Dental Health Month.